Evaporative Air Cooler Fan

In Perfect Harmony
with Nature and the Environment


The Evaporative Air-Cooler Fan consists of a fan, 
cooling media (filter) and control system.

It provides high volume of cool air at very low energy 
cost and environmental friendly.

Evaporative Air-Cooler will be used when the air-conditioning 
system cannot be applied. It is
NOT a normal fan as normal 
fan can only blow the same temperature of air.




Sea Games in Bukit Jalil, 
Malaysia - Sept 2001

Sea Games in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia - Sept 2001

Garden Party

Majlis Perasmian Pasar Awam Kepala Batas, Penang - May 2002


  • It is applicable both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • It is weather-proof.
  • It could be installed on the wall or free-stand.
  • It only requires a 13Amp plug point and water point.
  • Energy consumed for this model is 3.6Amps which cost approx. 0.28 cents to 0.39 cents per hour.
  • It can bring the differential temperature down from 30C to 70C from the outdoor temperature.
  • Incoming air will be filter through the filter, thus provide better air-quality
  • No (gas) chlorofluoro carbon is used.
  • Cooler work areas and conducive environment increase productivity, growth and profit.
  • Easy maintenance.


Indoor Function Hall

Food & Beverage Counter & Serving Area

Super Noodle Dessert Hse - Main Entrance of Sg Wang, Kuala Lumpur.

BBQ - Garden Party


Assembly Area


The Fan in the Air Cooler forces air through the cooling media and delivers it to the space to be cooled. It filters the air (eliminating particles) as it passes through the cooling media and discharge air up to 30C to 70C cooler than the incoming air (Delta T) This model can cover an area of approximately 800 sq ft.

Should you require an automatic switch on and off timer, we can incorporate into the system with very minimal cost. We have various models and option to cater for individual requirement which we are sure to be able to work it out together.


  • Turnkey Engineering Solution
  • Green House
  • Livestock Farm
  • Factories
  • Ware House
  • Loading Docks
  • Sporting Events
  • Live Events
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Bar-B-Que/Garden Party/Pool side events
  • Hawker Center/Food Stall Center
  • Exhibition Hall/Sports Stadium
  • Enclosed Car Park


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